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M&A and Cyber Security

Whether it is a deal that can represent a huge increase to turnover or an add-on to expand activities horizontally or vertically, whether it is an aggressive move to take over a competitor or a defensive one to avoid becoming prey, the merger/acquisition represents an extremely delicate step in a company’s life.

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Covid-19 – Multipartner supports businesses throughout this global emergency

Multipartner, an innovative SME is strongly involved in the difficulties that we are all experiencing right now, even from a working point of view. To be effectively present in this situation, Multipartner offers what it does best, highly secure advanced digital services to all those who have not yet found a solution for working remotely

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Cyber attacks: do we need another Greta for a global risk?

Natural disasters and extreme weather events, failure to react to climate change, cyber attacks. In the Davos 2019 World Economic Forum report on global risks, these are the risks that are most likely to occur and with major impact: in recent years, IT risk as a global event with significant effects has climbed the rankings. From an Italian point of view, the report confirms that 2018 has been, as defined in the CLUSIT (Italian information Security Association) report on ICT security, the worst year ever.

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Data and privacy: investing is an obligation, perhaps an advantage

It may not always be clear why, but certainly investing in privacy is an obligation for companies. It doesn’t matter if they are large or small, if they reside in Europe or Asia, if they are industries or service companies...

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Digital Tranformation

Better to start - even if step by step - protecting your data with Multipartner digital solutions. Why us? Whatever the ultimate goal, “going digital” entails however a necessary and achievable process: taking care of data protection and data traceability through the use of #digitalsolutions.

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Businesses and IT Security: A cost rather than a strategic asset

Cyber ​​security? More of a burden than a strategic asset for Italian companies. Underestimation of risk, scarcity of resources available, lack of competent staff is the overview of the most frequent approaches to the digital world and the challenges it brings for businesses.

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