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Virtual Data Room - Intro

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Control over data and documents.

Multipartner Virtual Data Room is a web-based platform with extremely high control standards on documents and data, to manage, share and exchange confidential information, keeping track of every user’s actions.


“What matters is not so much the idea
but the certainty of being able to achieve it” 


Tailored Virtual Data Room.

Multipartner VDR is modular, scalable, multimedia and entirely developed by our development team. Multilingual and highly customizable. Choose based on the features, storage space and duration required. Set different security levels of access. Customize layout. We only develop VDRs tailored to each client’s requirements.



A Virtual Data Room for every need.

Banks, corporations, organisations, professional firms and advisors choose our Virtual Data Rooms to manage complex transactions – IPO, M&A, Tenders – and share, control and manage confidential data – Board of Directors, NPL-.

Service “Always On”

No software or hardware is required. All you need is an internet connection and a device. Service continuity is guaranteed 24/7/365 also with the dedicated mobile App.

Data control and security

We guarantee maximum control levels on documents, security and user permissions and access. Our systems are certified ISO/IEC 27001. Data transmission is guaranteed by the protocol TLS/HTTPS. Our VDR supports IT audits and digital assessments.

Service continuity and efficiency

The use of hyperconvergence infrastructure guarantees major security thanks to server virtualization, system maintenance and updates without any service interruption, real-time disaster recovery, flexibility and exponential computing power.

Modularity and scalability

The platform features are developed as scalable integrated modules that can be partially or totally activated according to client needs and the kind of transaction, optimizing each VDR’s performances.

Dynamic and versatile

All the features of our VDR are developed internally to promptly respond to different needs. Modules can be easily added and integrated in the platform, according to the kind of transaction.

No IT skills required

Sophisticated features with a user-friendly interface and a stress-free user experience. Each feature is easy to find and simple to use. No IT skills are required. The system interacts with users providing step-by-step indications.

“Discovery consists in looking at what
everyone else has seen and thinking what
no one has thought of” A. Szent-Györgyi

Strong Authentication to further strengthen controlled access by using multiple security factors for individual authentication.

Real-time reports that can be filtered to easily control all activities and actions in the data room.

Impossibile to copy files with our “pdf.viewer” feature to make files viewable only on-screen.

Set different document access levels and granular user access verified by the Data Room Manager.

Bulk upload folders, subfolders, files and users, in a fast and organized manner.

Maximum control on data and on user access to allow IT Audits and digital assessments.

Built-in connectors to ERP and corporate CRM.

Server virtualization, business continuity & disaster recovery, flexibility and exponential computing power.


Our Virtual Data Room: distinctive features.

Strong authentication for verified user access. Traceability of all user activities. Completely eliminate any risk of losing control on data. VDR organized to support Information System Audits. Bulk upload entire tree structures and bulk user upload with relevant permissions. The VDR is web-based, no software is required.

your VDR

We provide customized Virtual Data Room demos configured on your requests.

Our teams of advisors, developers and systems engineers are available to provide the Virtual Data Room configuration that best suits your needs. Due diligence, M&A, Board of Directors, Real Estate transactions, and many more business sectors. Multipartner will guide you in setting up a VDR optimized for your deal.

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