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Tenders, Strategic Transactions, R&D, IP management.

Control over corporate data is crucial to prevent data loss and to preserve corporate know-how. Companies of any industry or size count on our VDR to keep corporate projects on track and share confidential information.
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Licensing In
& Licensing Out

Licensees, licensors and licensing agencies.

Whether it is a fashion brand, a drug or a patent; whether it is a full or a partial license agreement, the amount of confidential information to be classified, segregated and shared in this sector is huge. Our VDRs, thanks to granular accesses, authorized permissions and real time reports, allows you to better manage IP protection, portfolios of licenses, licensees and licensors information, updates on product development and confidential communications.



Energy, Pharma & Biotech, Fashion, Retail, TLC, Trasportation.

R&D divisions that work with highly sensitive data from different locations. Start-ups and companies that promote projects by granting access only to specific investors. Manage tenders in total transparency, with granular user permissions, audit trails, granular access to Q&A. Secure workspaces for managing corporate multiple projects.

Secure and controlled Workspaces

Save time and keep total control on your sensitive corporate data with our VDR, by managing projects with clients/teams and all other participants involved. R&D divisions choose our highly secure VDR to manage sensitive projects for licensing, partnering fundraising and IP management.

Tender procedures

Preparing the documentation, acceptance and evaluation of bids, final award: store, manage and exchange documents with all tender participants in our VDR, tracking all user activities, ensuring transparency in all official communications, and data integrity and control.

Due Diligence

In a due diligence, thoroughly analysing all available documentation requires time, yet time is critical. Our VDR will help simplify and quicken your due diligence with granular user permissions, clear document structure and an easy search function.

Built-in connectors to ERP and corporate CRM.

Emails sent and controlled directly within the VDR.

Webdav (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) to edit and work on files directly in the VDR.

Insert notes and comments on each document.

Workspace and Workflow to manage projects and corporate procedures. 


Workspace and Workflow to manage projects and corporate procedures.

Our advanced services allow to manage entire corporate workflows. Structure projects between clients/teams in different locations, within a controlled, flexible environment, for a continuous monitoring of all the activities carried out by the authorized parties involved.

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