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Due Diligence, Arbitrations, Litigations.

In legal proceedings, all parties, from law firms to court professionals, need to streamline and quicken document exchange with clients. Whether for a legal due diligence or insolvency proceedings, our VDR ensures control on data and user access and immediate access to sensitive information.



Advisors, General Secretariats, Arbitrators, Legal Firms, Technical Advisors.

Our VDR enables all parties involved in the proceeding to access confidential information at any time, from anywhere in the world, saving time and costs, and to keep track of all the activities carried out in the VDR.

Insolvency Proceedings

A VDR to manage all the phases of each kind of Insolvency Procedures (Composition with Creditors, Receivership, Bankruptcy, Compulsory Administrative Liquidation) in a controlled and organized manner. Monitor the management of the company's liquidation phase, the management of liabilities and relationships with suppliers.


To efficiently manage arbitration procedures, in full compliance with the 'Adversarial Principle'. Our VDR provides all the parties involved with a versatile tool to securely and selectively share and exchange confidential documents among authorized parties only. General Secretariats, Arbitrators, Lawyers, Technical Advisors.


The entire documentation of a legal dispute is protected and guaranteed by: Protocol TLS/HTTPS, Authenticated and granular user access, Dynamic watermarking with user information on every document viewed/printed/downloaded to identify user identity in case of security breach, Detailed audit trails track each action in the VDR. Document review is supported by the advanced full-text search in every document, sorted by, title, content, keyword.

Reduced time for managing procedures.

Granular user permissions.

Granular document permissions based on specific user roles.

Full text advanced search.

Easy and immediate access to all documentation available in the VDR.

Go paperless by optimizing your results

Integrity and Data Control Guaranteed.


Go paperless by optimizing your results.

Dematerialize paper material and upload the documentation in the VDR already organized and assembled and ready for consultation. Multipartner guarantees secure data storage in server farms certified in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 situated in Italy. Therefore, in case of disputes the Italian jurisdiction is applied.

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