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Our sustainability

Sustainable Development is the ability to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (WCED, 1987)

We believe that each of us can be a daily witness to a commitment to sustainability starting with our own thoughts, relationships and behaviors.




A tree for you!

Since 2018, Multipartner has started a project of environmental sustainability and circular economy "A tree for you!"  in collaboration with Treedom. Sustainability issues strongly affect the ICT sector, which is responsible for a growing share of global CO2 emissions and energy consumption; therefore, the project to plant a tree for each new VDR opened and give it to our customers, was our way of starting... in a more structured way.
We started in Cameroon where our seedlings were entrusted to local farmers who will take care of them until they have grown and are able to bear fruit. At that point the tree will become a source of income for that farmer and his family. Not only that. As it grows, the tree will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, improving the air we all breathe.

"Fighting the cultural digital divide through appropriate software design and training on its use".

Multipartner is starting to take action to meet the challenges of the Agenda 2030, while also gearing the development of its digital solutions towards sustainable behaviour, both in their configuration and in their use by the end user. Our company creates Virtual Data Rooms, SaaS platforms for highly secure collaborative document management, characterised by a sustainable footprint. Our solutions are created by reducing - to the point of almost inhibiting - the 'print' function of documents uploaded to the platform, resulting in significant savings in printed paper. "Everything is done inside the platform, nothing outside", thanks to a set of advanced functions that enable documents to be processed entirely digitally and data to be managed and shared in complete security. We also provide clients with training and best practices with dedicated sessions, so that they become autonomous as soon as possible for optimal use of the platform.

"Designing efficient systems and solutions with a low energy impact, optimised, shared and reusable".

Multipartner has always refused to apply planned obsolescence policies to the services it offers. Platforms are systematically upgraded with advanced features and applications that do not, however, force the client to make a new purchase, rendering previously purchased technology unusable. The company's R&D team is oriented towards green coding, which allows to: save energy and resources. Use less memory and hardware. Requires less maintenance and fewer updates. Improves the quality and security of the service, which becomes easier to track, test and debug.
Migrations to updated releases
The company focuses on integrating/ enhancing/ optimising existing functions at no additional cost and to agree with clients on "migrations" to upgraded versions of the platform, only when strictly necessary for the most secure and high-performance use of VDRs.
Space monitoring and reuse
The company  focuses on inclusive services and trasparent prices. It also provides options to monitor and reuse the space purchased by the client. If there is a need to delete unnecessary documents, the client can upload new ones at no extra cost.
Certified and 100% Green Data Center
Data uploaded on our platforms is stored on proprietary servers located in Europe, in ISO/IEC 27001 certified server farms, designed to minimise environmental impact and powered by 100 % renewable energy with European certification (GO Guarantee of Origin). The data centres employ a dynamic cooling system, Dynamic Free Cooling, optimising the use of outside air to save energy and activating compressor cooling only when strictly necessary.

"Develop software that ensures full productive employment and decent work".

The planning of the development/test/production work of the implemented IT solutions is structured in a safe and careful manner with respect to the workload, so that it is balanced among the different team members.
Inclusion policies
Since its establishment, Multipartner has implemented inclusion policies without gender, age, or condition discrimination, with the result that the work of the team is inclusive since the beginning.
Working by objectives
With this approach the company, which adopted full smart working in 2023, promotes individual and team responsibility, optimizing  time to reach its goals and favoring a flexible environment in which each member contributes concretely to the overall success of the company. 

"Innovating software development methodologies, reducing waste, fostering human potential and building robust and resilient digital infrastructures".

Multipartner has redesigned its IT infrastructure by adopting a hyperconverged architecture and virtualisation of the entire data centre infrastructure, including storage, thus ensuring better performance and increased adaptability.
Increase performance by 40%. Multiply storage availability. Improve Disaster Recovery and Bussiness Continuity speed and reliability. Simplify management and maintainance of IT systems. Increase data protection for clients.
redundant Server Farms are interconnected by a double fiber dedicated to Multipartner's data only, at such a distance (Rome - Arezzo) as to ensure BC and DR. This way they guarantee: confidentiality of information, because access to IT resources is limited. Integrity of data, eliminating the risk of modification or deletion, tracking all activity.  Availability of documents accessible only to authorized users when requested.