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Newsletter PropTech and Sustainability

Online the new edition of Multipartner’s Newsletter in collaboration with Radiocor ilSole24ore.

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Digital Transformation (DT) is a huge concept that becomes here just a starting point, a sort of search "query". From there, in fact, we start to look at where and how we can practise and meet “our” digital transformation in everyday life. Let’s speak, for example, about the advanced digital tools that we already can easily use (!) in our professional lives to improve our way of working. In particular, we are finding the world of Virtual Data Room (VDR) and Real Estate, to tell how ,typical operations belonging to the Real Estate sector, can be perfectly supported by secure and advanced services such as VDRs. Security and control (on data), speed (of transactions) and confidentiality (of documents) are some of the keywords with whom professionals generally deal. Let's get on tiptoe, indeed , with a simple click ...

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Safe management of NPLs

Spain. Safe management of NPLs, professional support for complex operations in the hotel industry: this is how Multipartner’s Virtual Data Room is successfully corroborating the activities of many Spanish leading companies in the Real Estate sector.

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Professionals and Digital Technologies: Times are changing

Last January at Multipartner Virtual Data Room we held one of the video training sessions that we always organize with our new clients.
The session was with a prestigious legal firm to speak about functionalities, advantages, security and speed of our VDR designed for the Legal Sector. This gave us the opportunity to reflect on the evolution – in our personal experience - of the legal sector and, in general, of the professional companies and their relationship with the new digital technologies. We would like to share here the results of those reflections ...

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Cybersecurity for corporate growth: companies increase investments

Approximately 6.4 billion fake emails every day, 550 million phishing emails sent in a single campaign during the first quarter of this year, 2 billion records containing personal or confidential data were compromised between January 2017 and March 2018 ...

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Instead of an SOS it is better to opt for an SSO.

How many passwords and credentials do we have to invent and remember every morning when we go to work and sit in front of a computer, or when we access our smartphone, before we can start working? Many, often too many. Some write them in their phone’s Notes app, some in a paperback agenda, some memorize them in their head (!!!), some ask their assistants, while others use specific tools such as Universal Password Manager to store the keys to their work.

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Our teams of advisors, developers and systems engineers are available to provide the Virtual Data Room configuration that best suits your needs. Due diligence, M&A, Board of Directors, Real Estate transactions, and many more business sectors. Multipartner will guide you in setting up a VDR optimized for your deal.

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