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Is protecting your data your goal? Make sure the provider is secure
2020 June

Is protecting your data your goal? Make sure the provider is secure

Multipartner is an innovative SME offering advanced ICT services: last generation Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs), the perfect tool for managing and protecting sensitive data. Virtual Workspaces for secure collaborative work management. Workflows to create and monitor specific repeatable/approval processes specific for each organization, integrated in the VDR. All the services are multilingual, available 24/7/365 and specifically developed according to the Client’s needs.

Multipartner is certified ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 and it is among the few international providers to have extended its accreditation to the European ISO/IEC 27017-27018 guidelines aimed at implementing a solid system for managing information security and providing greater guarantees of resilience and data protection also towards Clients. Multipartner is qualified (CSP and SaaS categories) with the Italian governative agency AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) and is on the Electronic Market of the Italian Public Administration (MePA) platform.

The company and the Server Farms where the two service delivery nodes are located are certified ISO-IEC 27001 and are therefore accessible only in compliance with the relevant specifications. The nodes, owned by Multipartner, are under its exclusive control and are both located in Italy. The minimum distance between the two is guaranteed in compliance with CE security standards.

The nodes are connected to each other by an exclusive and redundant geostatic optical fiber supplied by different providers. Client data is therefore under Italian jurisdiction. The entire structure is subjected to continuous monitoring through the use of integrated systems specifically configured with specific controls for verifying the services.

The security parameters are divided into three levels: infrastructure, login and use.



  • Communication protocols TLS 1.3 and, following, 1.2 (*)

  • Digital certificate with 2048-bit RSA key (*)

  • Two delivery nodes in Italy, connected with double fiber optic Lanlink

  • Business continuity

  • Disaster recovery

  • Multiple and redundant Firewalls

  • Antivirus

  • Activation of IP filters

  • Segregated access to the server rooms, certified 27001

  • Periodic penetration tests



  • Password change at user’s first login

  • Password minimum security parameters setting (length, special characters, uppercase/lowercase letters, etc.

  • Periodical password change setting

  • Strong login (OTP via mail)

  • Strong authentication 2FA (OTP via sms or App)

  • Anti-theft system

  • Single Sign-On

  • Captcha


  • Roles and permissions management

  • Document download function disabled

  • PDF Viewer (files are not saved in the client’s temporary files)

  • Secure View

  • Dynamic watermark

  • Impostazione filtro su estensioni file consentite in fase di upload

  • Filter setting on file extensions allowed during upload

  • Antivirus scan on uploaded files

  • File conversion to PDF (preliminary to the secure view and watermark features)


Multipartner develops highly secure and customized VDRs. Customization does not imply a more expensive service just because it is tailor-made, it just means our VDRs will provide all that is required to manage a deal. Customization is strongly connected to the security and tracking of user activity within the VDR.

Customization is protection

Compared to other competitors, Multipartner’s VDR is modular and becomes a customized support tool for ordinary and extraordinary work through two parameters: the modules the VDR is composed of and the roles assigned to the users.

The VDR is configured by activating/deactivating the different modules, according to each Client’s needs.

Roles are defined on three macro levels and then customized with optional roles, thus allowing infinite operational possibilities for users authorized to access the VDR.

Roles can be "created" ad hoc according to a wide or restricted need to share the documentation (more or less confidential) and according to the "actions" that users can perform on files. Granular user ROLES can be customized on each individual folder, allowing to easily manage users and trace all of their activities. This makes everyone's work simpler and most important of all, constantly monitored.

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