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Virtual Data Room - Security

Bulk upload documents and users

With the bulk upload feature, you can upload your entire tree structure (folders/subfolders/files) and list of authorized users. You will be independent from your provider.


Keep control of all emails, inbound and outbound, by sending them directly from the VDR. Exchanged messages are stored in an historical archive to keep track of all communication sent/received.


Automatically inform users about newly uploaded or edited files.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature can locate keywords within the document’s title or text (full text search), or by applying other criterion, such as file upload date and notes.

Advanced Questions & Answers

Our Q&A is managed directly from the VDR. Users can submit a generic or a specific inquiry related to a particular file or folder, and the answer can be posted publicly for all users or viewable only for a specific group.


Instantly generate real-time audit trails that record all users’ activity from their first login and export reports in different formats (PDF, Excel, Word, RTF).

03 security


Constant update and monitoring.

Continuous control and updates. Documents and data protection and control, authentication on every authorized user access, penetration tests carried out by external companies crosschecked by our internal Systems & Networks team. VDR IT audits and digital assessments.


“Hence that general is skillful in attack
whose opponent does not know what to defend;
and he is skillful in defense whose opponent
does not know what to attack”. Sun Tzu


Enhanced data security thanks to virtualization.

With the hyperconvergence infrastructure adopted by Multipartner, backups are carried out in a few minutes, data processing peaks are efficiently managed with real-time disaster recovery and uninterrupted service, even in case of unforeseen events.

Dynamic Watermarks

Each file will have an automatic watermark on every page with username, date and time of viewing/download, IP address.

Secure View

Upload files in any format, and those same files will be converted in a secure PDF format.


Specify access policies for each file (View, Download, Print) according to the viewing rights assigned to users/group of users.


With our “Pdf.Viewer” system, you can make files viewable only on-screen making it impossible for files to be retrieved from the computer’s temporary files.

Authenticated User Access

Each registered user is admitted to the VDR only after verification by the Data Room Manager and the assignment of the appropriate viewing rights.

Strong Authentication

The 2FA authentication is an additional authentication system based on multiple factors to further strengthen security access procedures.

Customized disclaimer

To strengthen the confidentiality of the VDR you can publish (pre-login or post-login) a customized Disclaimer and ask users to read and accept it before viewing the documentation.

Infrastructure Security

All IT system infrastructure is under our direct control to guarantee performance and stability. Protocol TLS/HTTPS guarantees secure access and file transfer and all information is encrypted and protected with last generation Extended Validation digital certificates.

Unlimited bandwidth

Our control room monitors resource usage for direct and immediate upgrades. Speed of access is guaranteed by fiber optic circuits between Multipartner’s Control Room and the Server Farms.

Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On allows authorized users to log in to our Virtual Data Room once they have been authenticated on their company's domain. The SSO activation implies a technical collaboration with the client's IT department.
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Professionalism and customer focus.

Multipartner believes in sharing the same values with its own partners. Innovation, competence and customer-focused to create value in every project.

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