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Private Equity, Fundraising, M&A, NPL.

Our VDR is used to manage complex transactions such as bond placements, loan negotiations, acquisition of company shares and recapitalizations. The high levels of security, control and the features included in our platform ensure that best practices are adopted in every financial deal.



Banks, Corporations, Investment Funds, Advisors.

Our VDR streamlines the due diligence phases in corporate financial transactions by easily organizing and structuring all the confidential information, reducing data analysis phase, therefore saving costs, time and resources.


Our Virtual Data Room is a useful tool to promote your company or your project to a greater number of investors worldwide, always ensuring high levels of security and data protection.

Due Diligence

Document security and granular document permissions. All communication is controlled, tracked and stored in the VDR with possibility to create different authorization levels.

Private Equity

Private equity investments include a wide range of operations that involve the knowledge of a company’s strategic and economic features. Our VDR allows document classification for investors to analyze and evaluate.

Advanced Q&A system organized by categories and authorization levels.

Possibility to select multiple files for bulk download customized on user permissions.

Advanced search and consequent reordering of data.

VDR internal viewer for consulting files in pdf format and only during active sessions.

Dynamic watermark on every document with Username, Date, Time, IP address.


The VDR is modular, tailored to each client’s needs.

Multipartner VDR is scalable. Numerous features and modules, developed by or R&D team, are continuously updated and can be integrated and activated in a selective manner. This allows us to set up a customized platform based on each client’s requirements. Security and control on data, access and systems is Always On.

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Our teams are always available to answer your questions, meet your needs and set up the platform that best suits your requests. We advise you on the most appropriate solution to digitally manage your projects safely, promptly and effectively. We provide you with all the support, training and advice you need to properly use our Virtual Data Room, Virtual Workspace and Workflow services at their best.

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