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Covid-19 – Multipartner supports businesses throughout this global emergency
April 2020

Covid-19 – Multipartner supports businesses throughout this global emergency

Multipartner, an innovative SME is strongly involved in the difficulties that we are all experiencing right now, even from a working point of view. To be effectively present in this situation, Multipartner offers what it does best, highly secure advanced digital services to all those who have not yet found a solution for working remotely.
 Many are resorting to smart working using tools that are not always adequate from a security point of view. With a great sense of responsibility, Multipartner, provider of highly secure advanced digital services, certified ISO/IEC 27001 and accredited ISO/IEC 27017 and 27018, that has been operating for years in the field of control and data protection, until the 30th of September will offer its Secure Virtual Workspace platform to existing and new clients free of charge. We believe that this way we will allow smart working to be organized in a truly secure manner and guarantee work continuity to all, maintaining data protection and control.
Our Secure Virtual Workspace is a web-based platform that only requires an internet connection and a device (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) to be used. It is the perfect tool to manage and share confidential data among various parties, while keeping track of all the actions that are carried out.

Some features:
•    Easily bulk upload files with Drag&Drop
•    Authorize users with selective profiles and granular access on each single folder
•    You decide who can view the documentation, who can download it and who has edit permissions
•    Stay updated with all that happens in the VDR through real time reports.
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