Immediate access

Web-based access with no software to install. Users can access the VDR 24/7 and consult documents simultaneously, simply by using an internet connection.

Massive upload

Upload documents from the VDR with the massive upload function (ZIP) and upload the entire tree structure (folders/subfolders/files), eliminating the need to store information on CDs/DVDs.


Real-time reports exported in several formats (PDF, Word, Excel, RTF) monitor and keep track of all activities carried out by users from their first login.

Advanced Q&A

Our Q&A is managed directly from the VDR. Users can submit a generic or a specific inquiry related to a particular file or folder, and the answer can be posted publicly for all VDR users or viewable only to the person who submitted the question. For easier management, the DRM can export all questions/answers in Excel.

Advance search

Above and beyond the standard search function, our advanced search feature can locate documents based not only on words within the document’s title or text but by other criterion, such as the date the document was written or by the author. The search results link you directly to the document.


All communication, inbound and outbound, is done directly in the VDR. Exchanged messages are stored in a historical archive, to keep track of all communication sent/received. Our VDR communication system is compatible with any other email server and can be set up with an existing email account or one that Multipartner creates specifically for your VDR.


Users can block the file they are working on to avoid simultaneous modifications by others. Users wishing to work on a file may send an anonymous email to all users requesting the file be unblocked.

Keep Me updated

Users can select to be automatically updated whenever a specific document is replaced or modified in the VDR. This keeps users aware of important changes that may take place to vital documents.

24/7 Helpdesk

A dedicated project manager for each VDR assists clients and users throughout the entire deal process. A multilingual helpdesk provides 24/7 continuous technical assistance.

Multilingual VDR

With just a click of the mouse users can switch to one of the following languages within the VDR: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. Other languages may be available on request.

Double view

An advanced feature that allows you to download documents in the VDR in modifiable formats like Word and Excel (manager side) and to make the same document viewable (unmodifiable) in PDF (viewer side). With this system you can say goodybe to conversion in PDF.

Multiple docs

Keep multiple versions of one document so changes can be discarded at any step in the process. Makes file restoration possible in cases of backtracking.