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Multipartner case study VM WARE

  3 July 2018

Multipartner case study VM WARE


Multipartner has redesigned its IT infrastructure, adopting a hyperconvergent architecture. Thanks to a new, fully virtualized Data Center infrastructure with VMware, Multipartner has increased system performance by 40%, quadrupling storage and improving the features of disaster recovery and business continuity services. Today this innovative reality guarantees its customers greater security, ensuring increasingly high levels of service, without interruptions, even in the case of unpredictable events


Multipartner's Virtual Data Room is based on an innovative technological infrastructure, which is continually renewed to be more and more adequately sized in relation to the needs of users. In fact, the system is used to support complex transactions such as M&A, IPO, Due Diligence, NPL management and sales, real estate transactions, in the Boards of Directors for sharing "privileged" information and in all those situations in which data control it is crucial. The VDR is internally developed by the research and development team and constantly implemented with new functionalities; it is accessible 24/7/365 also on the move through the dedicated App; it is user-friendly and does not require any IT expertise.

Renzo Grandi, ICT manager, has worked in Multipartner since the beginning and has closely followed the evolution of information systems built to support the company's Virtual Data Room platforms. "In recent years we have witnessed a progressive increase in activities, which has required an increase in performance and has led to an increase in the complexity of the systems, with the related management costs borne by us", explains Grandi. "If we had to upgrade systems using a physical infrastructure, the cost of acquiring new servers would have been significant and the management complexity would have multiplied. This is why we decided to change the paradigm and take the path of virtualization, in the direction of a Software-Defined Data Center".


Multipartner had already tested virtualization on some machines with Hyper-V, but now it was about adopting a more radical approach that would incorporate all the servers used for the operation of the Virtual Data Room platform into a single infrastructure, any operating system were running on those machines, even open source. Grandi and his team found the best solution in Gruppo Filippetti's offering, which proposes a solution for server virtualization with hyperconvergent Fujitsu systems and with the solution for VMware vSAN storage virtualization. The virtualization solution built on VMware technology also extends to storage, thanks to the implementation of a Virtual SAN. "VMware vSAN offered us the opportunity to expand our storage by increasing its performance and building a solution that includes disaster recovery and business continuity systems," comments Grandi. "The VMware and Fujitsu solution we have adopted has given us a very positive result in terms of performance, management and security, while Gruppo Filippetti has demonstrated great expertise in the optimization of virtualized systems".


The project is defined in May 2017 and made operational in the following months. "The new machines and virtualized systems with VMware respond very well, they are 40% faster", comments Grandi. "The availability of storage is at least quadrupled and we have improved the features of the disaster recovery services and the overall security and reliability of the entire infrastructure." The IT systems team also records a significant simplification of the system management and maintenance activities, compared to the traditional configuration, which proves to be an element of great value with a view to scaling services and expanding into new markets. The platform runs on proprietary supply nodes under the full control of the company, specially configured in server farms certified ISO / IEC 27001, geographically located at a distance of over 300 kilometers from each other and connected with dedicated optical fiber lines between them and with the Multipartner Control Room. "The Software-Defined Data Center we built with Fujitsu servers and VMware solutions allows us to manage the complexity of systems in a simpler way and at lower costs, while ensuring storage, disaster recovery, business continuity and security services, fulfilling the requirements we guarantee to our customers ", concludes Renzo Grandi.

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