The Private Placement VDR enables a reduction in costs compared to the physical exchange of documentation, with the benefit of greater efficiency in all stages of the placement process.

From identification of the target market to preparation of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and the entire due diligence process, all stakeholders can view confidential information through the VDR securely, simply and flexibly, depending on the user rights assigned to them.

The Virtual Data Room provides access to data without limitations simply by having an internet connection, and monitors all activity carried out in the VDR thanks to punctual and detailed reports.

Other advantages of using the Private Placement VDR:

  • Security of documents is guaranteed by SSL protocol, selective user access and a variable watermark on all PDF documents that tracks all user activity in the VDR.
  • The lock/unlock function locks the document being worked on in order to avoid coincident modifications on the same file by more than one user.
  • Simultaneous acccess to documents by authorized users drastically reduces the time necessary for your procedure.
  • Maximum ease in uploading documentation: thanks to our user-friendly features you can autonomously add the documentation of your Virtual Data Room using massive file uploads.
  • Alert system notifies interested users of the occurrence of a specific action related to certain files.
  •  “Keep Me Updated” function: allows you to notify users when documents are modified or uploaded.