When it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions, time is of the essence.

Mergers & Acquisitions Whether on the buy side or sell side, a Multipartner Virtual Data Room will help simplify and quicken your M&A deal. Gauge each potential buyer's interest by tracking which documents they view, when and for how long. You can then focus on the most interested parties, saving time and valuable resources.

In addition, a VDR provides the opportunity for documents to be viewed simultaneously, further expediting the due diligence process. Don't miss valuable opportunities due to distance or language barriers.

A Multipartner VDR will allow you to reach the largest number of bidders – and possibly receive higher bids – from all over the world by offering the platform in 5 major languages, with the ability to add any other additional language.

And since all deal materials are accessed remotely, it makes no difference whether potential buyers are located next door or across the globe.

Other ways Multipartner can help you complete your M&A deal:

  • Powerful search and retrieval function allows you to search within document titles and full text, while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to search text in scanned files, facilitating speedy location of information pertinent to each user's needs
  • Ability to prevent printing and saving of highly confidential deal information
  • Exchange information critical to your deal, securely
  • Keep your M&A due diligence documents organized and easily accessible
  • Maintain a track record of all activity for compliance and regulatory purposes
  • User-specific permissions – ability to make individual documents viewable only by certain users or groups
  • Q&A – allows a detailed question and answer dialogue between the data room manager and users, both private and public.