Technology, Media and Telecoms an evolving marketplace.

The technology, media and telecoms sector (TMT) is constantly evolving to respond to an active marketplace with an ever more global customer base, always on the lookout for the newest technologies and latest devices.

The TMT sector has lead some of the largest deals due to regulatory requirements, strong competition and the need to divest.

Board communications
Simplified collaboration for executive board members

The documentation shared with board members and executives is some of the most confidential within an organization. Sending documents and information via email or fax lacks the security that a Virtual Data Room offers. The risk of information leaks is eliminated while complying with your company's security requirements ...

Initial Public Offering
Realize your company's full potential

Going public is a huge step for any company, and will probably be the most challenging and rewarding transaction your business ever undergoes. The IPO process can take anywhere from one to two years, and can consume a large portion of your resources ...

Performing & Non Performing Loans
Ensure a smooth transaction at all stages of the sale

Credit risk management is vital to maintaining the economic health of a bank, now more than ever. A high credit risk means higher refinancing costs and a lower Tier 1 capital ratio. Financial institutions with distressed assets can decrease their proportion of non-performing loans ...