All types of legal proceedings require a secure place to exchange information and store documentation.

Whether it's for a trial (criminal or civil), hearing, litigation, arbitration, corporate transaction or contract negotiation, a Multipartner Virtual Data Room keeps sensitive and private information under wraps, while still remaining accessible to the necessary parties.

A Virtual Data Room will assist in eDiscovery and legal review by providing you with a solution to your storage and distribution needs. All parties, both internally and externally, from law firms to court professionals, will have access to these important documents from anywhere in the world. But security is never compromised, with selective access, downloading and printing permissions available on a document by document basis.

Other benefits of using a Multipartner Virtual Data Room for your legal needs:

  • Save time and money by eliminating paper, printing and delivery costs
  • 24/7 access to documentation helps speed up the review process
  • "Notify Me" feature allows users to choose to receive notifications on specific actions in the data room, such as when a document is added/revised/deleted
  • Massive file uploads are easy and there are no size restrictions or security risks that exist when distributing documents via email