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Multipartner consolidates its position in Spain

04 April 2018

Multipartner consolidates its position in Spain.

Capital&Corporate, spanish magazine specialized in M&A and Risk Capital, interviews our Spain and Latin America Manager

Multipartner and its Virtual Data Room (VDR) have continued to grow in Spain, having security, flexibility, innovation and specialization as its major pillars.

In addition to supporting M&A and Private Equity operations, Multipartner’s VDR is of essential support also for fundraising processes, Boards of Directors, portfolio management, crowfunding platforms and in any virtual workspace that requires the exchange of sensitive information.

In 2017, several viruses affected the security of large Spanish companies, how did they react to these attacks? Did they turn to Multipartner for help?

Maria del Mar Garcia Rodero manager Spain e Latin AmericaYes, in May 2017 several clients, both listed and unlisted companies, called us because they had suffered a massive cyberattack that affected all email accounts and needed a secure and efficient platform to deal with those incidents. In a few minutes we set up the VDR so that each client could recover their daily operations in a secure virtual environment without fear of being attacked. After solving the situation and following the initial panic, several clients called us very grateful and told us: you saved us!

How does Multipartner guarantee the highest level of security?

A VDR must always guarantee the highest levels of security and control on documents and user authentication and access, with zero risk of data loss. Multipartner can count on its own security team that regularly performs tests, external audits and some clients who perform their own analysis. For a very high level of security and data protection it is also important for a Data Room provider to host its servers in Server Farms that are certified ISO/IEC27001, as in our case. Our servers are located in Europe and geographically located apart from each other. Furthermore, Multipartner is developing a significant virtualization project of its servers that guarantees extra security, flexibility, and business continuity and disaster recovery plans that will be close to real time, to eliminate the risk of data loss. For us, security and control are our maximum priority. This is why, a year ago, we signed a research contract with the CIS, a Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security of La Sapienza University of Rome, to share our know how with that of those who carry out the highest level of cybersecurity research.

Each M&A operation is unique, how do you adapt to the client?

Our VDRs are tailor made. We are an innovative and dynamic SME, always on the move, which constantly invests part of the profits and resources in R&D and technology. Our R&D team doesn’t simply customize the graphic layout of the VDR, but adapts the platform to each client’s specific needs. Our VDRs are not a mere “container” of documents, but a sophisticated yet user friendly platform available in five languages that adapts to each stage of the deal. The sector is increasingly aware of the amount of risks that lie behind a complex M&A transaction, national or cross border, and of the need to concentrate as many investors and stakeholders as possible in a VDR, often from different geographic locations, to achieve the best possible result.

In which operations are you supporting your clients in Spain?

M&A and Private Equity have experienced a very positive 2017 in Spain and this trend is also reflected in our local turnover, which has grown by 150%. Spain is an increasingly strategic market. Among our clients there are institutions, boutiques, law firms, real estate firms, etc. The culture of digitalization, which previously did not exist in Spain, is spreading, which is why we are providing services not only in standard due diligence and M&A operations, but also supporting funds in their fundraising processes - providing speed and transparency - and supporting private companies and the Spanish Public Administration in their projects of crowfunding platforms, connecting startups with the financial and investment community. On the other hand, the corporate Boards of Directors, which were previously more reluctant to the virtual environment, are increasingly using our services.
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Spain is an increasingly strategic market where digitalization and the dynamism of M&A are driving our growth