Keeping projects on track can be difficult when participants are dispersed among different companies and locations around the country or across the globe.

A virtual workspace allows teams to collaborate on assignments no matter where they're located. With a Multipartner Virtual Data Room, the distance between team members is no longer an issue.

Project-related materials are stored in a secure online repository with user-specific permissions, allowing control over who can view, save, edit and print.

There's no need to distribute the newest version of a document every time it is edited, and changes are made and available online in real time.

Users can choose to receive automatic notifications whenever a document is modified, which ensures that all team members are kept on the same page.

Managing project-related documents online also eliminates the need for printing and shipping of these materials, saving your company time and money.

Other benefits of using a Multipartner Virtual Data Room for management of your corporate projects:

  • Management can track who has accessed the documents and for how long to show involvement on a user-by-user basis
  • More secure, organized and efficient than using external email to distribute project-related documents
  • Ability to send and receive email messages through an account provided by Multipartner, within the VDR, keeping communications pertaining to the project separate organized
  • Available 24/7 - employees in different time zones can access or amend documents at any hour
  • Ability to lock and unlock documents to avoid simultaneous revisions by more than one user
  • No software necessary – the Virtual Data Room is accessed simply by using a web browser
  • “Keep me updated” feature allows users to receive notifications on specific actions in the data room, such as when a document is added or when a user’s save or print permissions are modified
  • Remind me feature allows users to set up and receive email reminders of upcoming deadlines pertaining to certain files or folders beginning at the date of their choice
  • Create as many versions of a document as you like while still retaining all of the previous versions – no need to worry about lost information, as it’s all stored right in the VDR
  • The twin document function allows you to house identical documents in more than one language, useful when collaborating with teams dispersed internationally.