The loan syndication process can be long and complicated, with the need for collaboration across several different parties.

If the process isn't organized correctly, there can be significant room for error and reduced opportunity for a successful deal.

With the use of a Multipartner Virtual Data Room, communication, document distribution and review among the agent, arranger, borrower, trader and council take place smoothly and seamlessly.

Through all stages of loan syndication - initial syndication through trading - a Virtual Data Room can streamline the procedure, saving you time and money.

The arranger is able to prepare and distribute the Information Memo securely and track interest among investors with real-time reporting.

The ability to limit access to document viewing/revising/printing/saving based on the user role and the document enables data room managers to protect the privacy of vital information.

Other benefits of using a Multipartner Virtual Data Room for your loan syndication process:

  • Control what potential investors can and can’t see with document locking
  • Streamline communications and document management
  • The highest level of security is ensured by user-specific permissions and SSL protocol
  • “Keep me updated” feature allows users to receive notifications on specific actions in the data room, such as when a document is added or when a user’s save or print permissions are modified
  • Remind me feature allows users to set up and receive email reminders of upcoming deadlines pertaining to certain files or folders beginning at the date of their choice
  • “Double view” allows files to be dually available in editable format when accessed by editors, and viewable only in PDF format (uneditable) by those with limited user rights
  • With VDR email you can send and receive email directly in the VDR with no space limitations. This is ideal for projects with a long life and keeps all exchanges separate and organized.