Capital fundraising can be an arduous process with loads of paperwork to be shared between numerous participants.

Detailed due diligence of this paperwork is necessary in any venture capital fundraising, and can cost you time and money if not handled correctly.

Streamline and speed up the procedure by using a Multipartner Virtual Data Room.

The documentation necessary for fundraising, such as private placement memorandums, Form D for the SEC, and other due diligence documentation can be drafted, shared and revised online in the data room, saving you precious resources.

These shared forms disclose classified information about the private offering that must remain protected.

A Virtual Data Room enables you to keep the details of a capital fundraising event private and secure by controlling disclosure of confidential information based on the user.

In addition, by using a Virtual Data Room, private equity firms can connect with potential investors in one central location and maximize potential success by reaching a greater number of venture capitalists.

Your potential investors will be unfettered by geographic bounds and time-zone differences, so due diligence can be performed simultaneously, reducing the fundraising process timeline.

A Virtual Data Room keeps fundraising simple, organized and more likely to be completed successfully.

Some other ways a Multipartner Virtual Data Room can help you get the most out of your fundraising:

  • Ability to prevent printing and saving of highly confidential deal information
  • Capability to lock and unlock documents to avoid simultaneous revisions by more than one user
  • Real-time reporting shows how much time has been spent reviewing documents and helps determine the interest of prospective investors
  • Powerful search and retrieval function allows you to search within document titles and full text, while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to search text in scanned files, facilitating speedy location of pertinent information relevant to the fund
  • “Keep me updated” feature allows users to receive notifications on specific actions in the data room, such as when a document is added or when a user’s save or print permissions are modified
  • “Remind me” feature allows users to set up and receive email reminders of upcoming deadlines pertaining to certain files or folders beginning at the date of their choice
  • Create as many versions of a document as you like while still retaining all of the previous versions – no need to worry about lost information, as it’s all stored right in the VDR
  • The twin document function allows you to house identical documents in more than one language, useful when collaborating with teams dispersed internationally.