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A tree for you!

A tree for you!

Sustainable Development is the ability to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (WCED, 1987)

This is the first definition of "sustainable development" written in the Brundtland report of the World Commission on the Environment and Development (WCED) and dated 1987, mostly known by the more evocative and inclusive name of "Our Common Future".

Our common future could also be the perfect claim to describe the sustainability campaign undertaken by Multipartner in collaboration with Treedom to contribute more incisively to a more sustainable development of life on our planet. But let's take a step back.

It is imperative that everyone starts recycling or saving paper.

A single tree produces approximately 79,000 sheets of A4 paper.  The global average of paper consumption is 55 kg per person per year. North American consumption is four times greater (215 kg), while the African average is just 7 kg. China’s average per capita consumption is just higher than the global average at 76 kg. Eastern European levels are similar to China’s (77 kg) with the Western European average being almost double that (147 kg). Seven of the ten countries with the largest per capita consumption are in Europe. ( Many of our Clients, sensitive to “sustainability” and using our VDRs on a daily basis, have started to reduce – and in some cases to inhibit - the “print” function of documents uploaded onto the platform, accomplishing an extraordinary Double Positive Effect: greater security and control over documents and significant saving of paper. The several functions set in our VDRs are developed by design to allow you to “do everything within the platform, nothing externally”: documentation can be viewed and obviously, you can work on it inside the virtual data room even without printing anything, if you wish.

Therefore, consistent with our mission to have a strong impact on paper saving through the increasing use and spreading of our services, we decided to take it one step further. We purchased a virtual forest and started planting our trees precisely in those parts of the world where it is most needed, contributing to the promotion of the local circular economy. 

We started from Cameroon where our plants were entrusted to local farmers who will plant and take care of them until they have grown and are able to bear fruits. The tree will then become a source of income for that farmer and his family. But that’s not all.

From today, a tree will be our gift to every new Client who agrees to become its guardian!

The planted trees absorb a quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere that is enough to fill 6.346 basketballs. Each tree has its identification ID and will be geolocated and photographed to follow its life and evolution within the community in which it is planted. A simple gesture like giving a tree as a gift with such positive impact, can raise awareness on the issue of sustainable development because progress is not just innovation!